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Hanna Somatic Yoga

Hanna Somatic Yoga is a movement therapy and away of re-educating the way the brain senses and moves the muscles. Hanna Somatic Yoga helps to improve body-mind integration. Muscles can become tight or restricted due to development reasons, habitual patterns, emotional stress, injuries or trauma. Small, slow and gentle movements can be used to re-educate the brain so that it can relax and move these muscles more functionally. These can be specially prescribed by a body-work practitioner or used as general principles to complement other practices. 

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Therapists that offer Hanna Somatic Yoga

Francesca Melluzzi

Francesca Melluzzi

Age groups treated:

0-18 years


Wednesday afternoons



I am a senior yoga teacher (also with specialist training in yoga for autism and ADHD), somatic movement coach, (in the tradition of Thomas Hanna), holistic therapist, and trauma & mental health informed practitioner based in Oxford.

What I offer is unique. I have developed my teaching (whether it be with teens or with adults) in a way that intertwines Western scientific threads such as neuroscience, with Eastern philosophy and yogic practice, to form my own distinct style that is flexible and constantly being adapted in consultation with my client’s needs.

I am incredibly passionate about supporting and most importantly empowering adults, parents, teaching staff, teenagers & SEN to feel more confident, emotionally resilient, self-compassionate, and nurtured.

My background is multidisciplinary, with 20 years experience in holistic therapy, neuroscience, yoga and somatics, as well as being a certified trauma & mental health practitioner in schools.

I work regularly for Camp Mohawk in Wargrave (a respite centre for children and families with autism) both as a support worker, and also as a freelance somatic yoga wellbeing practitioner, offering group and private 1-2-1 sessions.

Research has shown that when a person's nervous system is in a state of ‘rest and digest’, the brain is primed for improved learning and overall quality of life and wellbeing is enhanced.

Perhaps you are someone who suffers from pain in your body and you have tried everything, but the pain still persists?

Maybe you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and want to have a better sleep pattern?

Or are you a parent of a teenager who would benefit from guidance in anxiety management and navigating adolescence?

If any of this speaks to you please contact me to arrange a phone call.