Complementary and talking therapies for babies, children, teenagers & adults

Based in the heart of Oxford, we are a group of practitioners and therapists whose passion is supporting people of all ages to thrive.  We know that when we feel better, we live better lives.  We have all trained extensively in our chosen modalities and work to the highest professional standards.

Many of our practitioners offer low cost treatments. Please take a look at each therapy page and contact the individual therapist for further information or to make an appointment.

Therapies for Children & Teenagers

Our child and adolescent therapists and practitioners are passionate about supporting young people, so that they can grow into healthy and resilient adults.  If your child has physical, mental-emotional or behavioural challenges, our therapists will be able to help.

Choose from the following therapies

AcupunctureTeen Well-being CoachingADHD Coaching for ParentsADHD Coaching for TeensPlay TherapyChild Counselling / PsychotherapyOsteopathyHomeopathy

Therapies for Adults

Our adult therapists and practitioners offer support with a range of physical or mental-emotional challenges.  They can also provide significant support during difficult phases of life.  If you are surviving rather than thriving, our therapists will be able to help.

Choose from the following therapies:

AcupunctureADHD CoachingPsychotherapyCraniosacral TherapyOsteopathyMassageHomeopathy