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ADHD Coaching for Parents

ADHD coaching for parents is a specialised goal-oriented process designed to support
those caring for children with ADHD.

Recognising the critical role parents and caregivers play in the success of a neurodivergent child, this type of coaching integrates elements of training and psychoeducation to provide practical tools for overcoming practical difficulties arising from the child’s ADHD symptoms and enhancing family harmony through tailored parenting techniques.

ADHD coaches work collaboratively with their clients to help them navigate parenting challenges by developing strategies specifically adapted to their family’s unique needs, fostering support, understanding and effective communication.

Coaching is a non-therapeutic intervention. It may incorporate elements of psychoeducation and can effectively complement treatments such as medication or psychotherapy, but it is not intended to replace them.

Practitioners that offer ADHD Coaching for Parents

Dr Dionysios Kyropoulos

Dr Dionysios Kyropoulos

Age groups:

Children and Adults


Monday afternoons


WhatsApp: +44 7443 888 686



Academic life and studies: Coaching university students with ADHD, from undergraduate to doctoral level, with a focus on improving their academic performance by developing personalised skills and strategies for managing ADHD-related challenges such as procrastination, issues with concentration, time management, organisation and prioritisation, impulse control and low confidence and self-esteem.

Career development and transition: Career coaching for individuals with ADHD at various career stages, focusing on developing coping strategies to manage obstacles associated with ADHD in the workplace, improving clients’ happiness and motivation in their current roles, or helping them explore more fulfilling career paths.

Raising children with ADHD: Coaching parents and caregivers of children with ADHD, providing tailored strategies and tools and working collaboratively in a structured, empathetic and non-judgemental approach to help them more effectively manage the challenges of ADHD parenting while nurturing their children’s abilities and strengths.

At the core of Dionysios’ coaching philosophy is a deeply rooted belief in the transformative power of individualised support to help individuals uncover patterns and habits that impede their growth and create a life aligned with their core values and aspirations.

Dionysios holds the Guildhall Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring, is an affiliate member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), serves on the Executive Committee of the Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education (ADSHE) and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).