Therapies for Adults

Massage therapy is a treatment used to help relieve tension and pain and enhance well-being.
It involves manipulation of the soft tissues of the body by a trained and certified professional. The manipulation techniques usually consist of stroking, kneading, rolling, and applying varying degrees of pressure and movement.

There are many different styles, each with different origins and aims, but the premise of treatments are usually the same: to reduce stress, lessen pain and tension, increase relaxation and imporve immune function.

Therapists that offer Massage for Adults

Nena Mager

Nena Mager

Age groups treated:



Thursday afternoons 1.30-5.30pm


Text or call 07860639758



I am a sports massage and soft tissue therapist, based in West Oxford. I am delighted to be offering treatments at the Little Health Hub!

I'm passionate about providing quality massage therapy, whether it's a full body restoring massage to help unwind aching muscles and a tired mind; or a deep tissue sports massage, to target specific areas of pain and dysfunction. Whatever your ailment, it's my pleasure to help you. I take a 360° holistic approach - not just treating the areas that hurt, but working with you to find the root cause.

Treatments include a consultation, assessment, and a range of techniques including:

• Muscular Energy Technique

• Soft Tissue Release

• Neuromuscular Technique

• Myofascial Release

I will also advise on stretching and strengthening exercises, tailored to your specific needs.

When I’m not working I enjoy dancing, writing music, keeping fit, and exploring this beautiful city. I am also a trained Zumba and Aerial Hoop instructor.