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Osteopaths are Allied Healthcare Professionals trained in the musculoskeletal (MSK) system – that is the muscles, joints and associated tissues and their relationship with other systems of the body. It is a treatment that uses manual and physical therapy to reduce pain and improve the function of the body including back pain, neck issues and problems with joints and muscles.

Osteopaths take time to understand your specific history, circumstances and unique physiology and provide safe, effective treatment and care using manual therapy, health advice and exercise, tailored to the needs of the individual. People of all ages see osteopaths, from babies to the elderly.

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Therapists that offer Adult Osteopathy

Jenny Fletcher

Jenny Fletcher

Age groups treated:

Children and Adults


Thursday afternoons


I provide osteopathic treatment in Oxfordshire for people of all ages, backgrounds and professions. This includes children, teens, sports people, students, commuters, those recovering from surgery and the elderly. I focus on helping patients return to a pain free state so that they can get back to the activities they love as soon as possible.

I love the wide perspective that Osteopathy provides to help people with their health issues.  I deliver treatment that incorporates a holistic view of the individual, taking into consideration each patient’s unique set of personal circumstances. I combine a variety of different methods for effective treatment including manual therapy, medical acupuncture, clinical Pilates and yoga. I also place emphasis on empowering patients through education about self-care practices that are manageable and realistic to incorporate into their everyday lives.